The Story behind IQ Balance

Rabea Iqbal has started IQ Balance in 2006.
Here is the story behind…

“I started my business when I was very young due to health issues and a high level of stress. At that time I was not really happy or in balance and it was an awful situation. When I got confronted with myself and every layer of my being I looked for help. But to my surprise, I couldn’t find the help I really needed. It was more an adventure and getting some help here and there which enabled me to find my way out of this situation.

This period of time really thought me a lot. The lessons of life itself so to speak. My interest in humans, health, balance and happiness was always present as far as I remember and I had a very strong urge to do something meaningful which serves people and the whole planet on the base of love and respect. It might sound big and yes, I always think in a big picture which helps to put things into perspective. My own personal experience was the seed for building my own company. A network of people and products who can serve others for the better without spoiling resources. A win-win situation on all matters.

Once I started with IQ Balance in 2006 I started to build the logistics of the company which IQ Balance is today. I love this work, this life and I also love this planet. At this point IQ Balance has become a medical wellness company with a great network of specialists to help finding and restoring the balance in peoples lives on physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and financial level. Once we achieved that we have the power to shine and fully live the life that we really want and which suits us best.

For the future, I wish we can build a better world together, being nicer to each other and helping out one and another. Treating everything with respect and to get the best out of ourselves.”

With love,
Rabea Iqbal

Rabea Iqbal
Rabea Iqbal

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