The Story behind IQ Balance

Rabea Iqbal started IQ Balance in 2006.
The story behind…

“At a young age, I was ironically driven by my own health issues and high portion of stress and inspired by my emotional unbalance to start IQ Balance. Confronted with my conflicting self and every layer of my being, I sought help. To my surprise, I was not contented with the help I got as genuine and professional as it was. It seemed more of an adventure to me getting some help here and there with the hope to find my way out of that situation.

During that period, I acquired many lessons about life in its very essence, so to speak. Absolutely, my biggest inspiration derived from my interest in people and their health, balance and well-being. Hence, there rose the profound urge to find substantial means to conclude those people’s needs and why not the humanity in general based on love, compassion and respect. It might sound too ambitious but thinking big always helped me put things into perspective. In reality, building my own company started from a tiny reflection. Indeed, my own personal experience was the seed thereof. Consequently, I started bringing together a network of inquisitive people and tailoring quality services to help others for the better and undeniably ensure my personal benefits.

I begun to establish the logistics of IQ Balance back in 2006 to reach the level the company has achieved today. I was motivated by my love for serving others, my changed life to the better and my synergy with our planet. At present, IQ Balance has become a well-recognised medical wellness centre, made up of highly-capable people who bring their best selves to treat others as they wish to be treated and the aspiration of whom is to help restore people’s physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and financial balance. Once the latter is retrieved, these people have the power to shine again and live the life they want.

Our future endeavours are founding a balanced world together, being nice to each other, helping each other and treating each other with respect in order to get the best of our lives.”

With love,
Rabea Iqbal

Rabea Iqbal
Rabea Iqbal

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