In het TV programma Holland van Boven op SBS6 geeft Rabea Iqbal een korte introductie over de werkwijze van IQ Balance op twee unieke locaties in Nederland.

IQ Balance op SBS6

Uitzendingen op 8 november 2020 omstreeks 15:00 uur en een herhaling op 14 november 2020 omstreeks 13:00 uur.

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9 reacties op “IQ Balance in Holland van Boven

  1. Adelyne Psirmoi zegt:

    Hi good publication of the short stories, we really read them for our therapeutic sessions here in Kenya by Joedy Foundation. This has really help the pupils/ students who have undergone a lot stress during the long school that ended up early January 2021. Parents are really happy by our good work we have done to their children but we credit your wonderful articles and every advice you give us.

    • Rabea Iqbal zegt:

      Thank you Adelyne. I am very touched by your engagement with these children and towards people in general.
      We have to support each other to make this life successful and meaningful. In my opinion this is what
      challenges in life are all about: We have learn that this is about us, not about me, myself and I. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Lukoye John zegt:

    Hi, let me take this precious opportunity to thank you very much for the short publication articles to post via this website, I am so glad beyond expression with no measurable amount of words to say. We as Joedy Foundation in Kenya we have been on foreground in helping children whom have undergone mental stress due to covid-19 long holiday closures. Keep on posting and we will really be reading them.

    • Rabea Iqbal zegt:

      Whow, thank you Lukoye for your beautiful words. You at Joedy Foundation are doing incredibly good work and we hope we can be more meaningful for you in the future. Success and blessings to you and your foundation!

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