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Nice to meet you again!
Rabea Iqbal
Rabea Iqbal
Founder of IQ Balance

Hello and welcome to the second edition of this international newsletter. 

I hope everybody is doing well!

In times of the Corona pandemic and having had our “lock-down”  in The Netherlands, we opened our practice again on May 22nd, 2020. Things have definitely changed and it seems like there is a world before and after Corona. Luckily our clients, loved ones, colleagues and my inner circle has stayed healthy and well. 

You might agree with me that we have to do things differently. It is our responsibility to apply changes in how we do things and how we look after each other.

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.

Purpose of this newsletter

With the present newsletter, I would love to connect to people worldwide to make a change for the better. The awareness of where our lifestyle has brought us so far, unlocked the urge within myself and my business to connect with people with the same mission and increase the awareness worldwide to make this place healthier, friendlier and foremost more balanced.

Please share this newsletter so that others can join us and share their contributions for  this mission to succeed.

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Thank you in advance.
Rabea Iqbal

Ayurveda Natural Healing for Parkinson’s disease

An article by 

Gokarna Dahal, Senior Ayurveda Doctor and Global Health Expert

Dr. Gokarna Dahal
Senior Ayurveda Doctor and Global Health Expert

Working under the Ministry of Health and Population
Provincial Ayurveda Hospital, Nepal
Experience of 18 years in Ayurveda and Natural healing
Research Interest: Traditional Healing Practices, Ethnomedicine, Natural Healing and Global Health

The benefits of Ayurveda for Parkinson patients

The Parkinson’s disease is globally the second most complex multi-system, neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer that mostly elderly people are suffering from. The cause of this disease remains unclear but it is likely to be due to a combination of genetic risk factors and environmental agents.

In our experiences, some of the procedure and treatment herbs are described here thoroughly.

Read whole article

Today’s inspiration

Lesson of awareness

Michaela Kress

from Michaela Kress
(Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Practitioner, Germany & The Netherlands)

We are usually more stressed than relaxed in our lives and we are busy, very busy. So busy that we are often no longer aware of how busy we are.

Please enjoy the beatuiful soundbath of Michaela in this article, wishing you peace of mind and harmony (if available please use a headphone).

Join soundbath

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